Monday, May 16, 2011

What All New Twitter Users Should Know

As with any new venture, there are a number of challenges that will be incurred. The first aspect for a new Twitterer, is establishing the actual Twitter account. Whoa… That hurdle has been overcome. Ok, now that the hard part is over, let's begin setting up your account. You will need to select a beginning list of people to follow and make your first Tweet. Each of these two items will be accomplished on the page marked "Home". Well, that was easy, too. Now, you'll need to create your profile and upload and image to represent you. These functions will be done from the settings page, located at the drop down arrow under your Twitter name.

Go ahead and click the drop down menu and go to Profile. The profile page will need to be completed, in order for your account to be fully established, and after you verify your e-mail address.

Next, is to personalize your Twitter account with a nifty background.

Once you've chosen your stylish background, click the Save button. And, that's it… You've created your Twitter account. Ok, so now what? I have no followers, so no-one will see any of my Twitter Tweets… Bummer! Well, there is a solution, free of course.

There are many options for rectifying the lack of followers; however, some work better than others, and some are more expensive than others. We'll look at a free one first.

Twiends is a program that will link your Twitter and Facebook accounts together, and allow you to earn Seeds (Credits) for followers of your registered Twitter account. This program is exceptionally easy to use, and gaining new followers is as easy as, Point and Click. I personally use this site, and it can generate up to a thousand new followers per day. The only limitations are those invoked by Twitter rules. Ok, so now that you have thousands of new followers to hear your unique tweets, what's next? Well, would you like to get paid for using Twitter? I would… Is it possible? Yes, but only for the savvy Twitterer.

Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets, is an advertising network that will directly provide and post advertisements into your Twitter account. It will actually look, as if you are making the Tweets. The only exception is that for each Tweet, you get paid! The pay will vary by Twitter account, the number of unique Twitter followers, and the overall value of your account. Simply put, do people find your site interesting?


This is another advertisement network that is very similar to Sponsored Tweets. The layout, setup and payouts are relatively equal to Sponsored tweets.

Well, that sums up the basics for establishing your new Twitter account, gathering initial followers and monetizing it for future revenue. For more tips, tricks and methods for growing your Twitter following, link to us on Twitter @TecAds.

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